Nights like these, where I can’t sleep, I turn to my good friend, the orgasm. Certain themes are guaranteed to get me off. I spent my orgasmic time this evening thinking rather hard about one of those themes — double penetration.

I couldn’t tell you what exactly it is about getting DPed that turns me on so much. Just thinking about it makes me damp. Maybe it’s the group situation — that is another theme that definitely gets me off. Maybe it’s the thought of being so hot to and for two people. Maybe it’s the thought of inducing two (or more than two!) orgasms.

I thought myself through a long and involved one tonight. I come home, from work, wherever. Master greets me at the door, commands his slut to kneel, as he collars me and applies my cuffs to ankles and wrists. He leashes the collar and leads me upstairs to a room outfitted like a dungeon, a thick mat on the floor adjacent to an eye bolt. A spreader bar is attached to my ankles and secured to the eye bolt in the floor. This is when the fun begins.

Master leaves the room and I am a bit anxious about what is to come. In my quest for an orgasm I get a bit hazy on the details — I couldn’t, for example, describe to you the two men who enter the room once Master leaves, but I can tell you that they wordlessly took advantage of my helpless state. Nipples tweaked, erect, my knees vibrating, one lays himself supine on the mat and leads me to my knees by my wrists. I am made to straddle him, and, once penetrated, the second is lubing my ass for the onslaught.

The rest is a blur of fullness, feeling bodies sandwiching mine, naked skin and hot breath and sweat. I receive their orgasms joyfully. At one point I am ball-gagged, blindfolded, harnessed in a swing, and made to receive two more. I am left, swinging, dripping, heaving sighs, utterly used and spent.

The only down side to these fantasies is sometimes, like tonight, even after two orgasms of my own, I still can’t sleep.

The upside of that … is that it prods me to come share what gave me two orgasms in two hours. Even if I am a bit sparse on the details.