I am a young professional living in Canada. My family, friends and co-workers know nothing about my sex life, which you’re here to learn all about. I am a bisexual woman, in a polyamorous relationship, currently fulfilling a pleasurable role as the submissive in a BDSM arrangement. I have one primary partner who I have been with for 7+ years, and one secondary partner.

I am a sex-positive pro-porn pro-choice feminist. The dichotomy between my fight for women’s rights and my choice to live in a submissive relationship is a topic close to me. My feminism is sometimes at odds with traditional ideas about feminism — especially when it comes to my level of enjoyment for male-female sex.

I am a bisexual female, often passing as straight in a straight world. I use my unique position when I can to call attention to GBLT rights and outline the unique challenges faced by those not in the majority.

I am spiritual, but reject dogma and doctrine. So much written religious word condemns me for who I am — I believe we are all human and the same, and strive in my every action to treat everyone as I’d like to be treated. As such, I don’t embrace any formalized spirituality. I was raised Catholic, and as such, Christian themes and their interaction with my lifestyle choices might come up.

Some would say I am a sex addict, and depending on their definition, they may be correct. However, instead of rejecting sex as a poison, I choose to embrace it as the most pleasurable and powerful thing given to humanity — and as something to be enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy my writing.